News about B-flat creating waves “hovering above your head”

Here’s a podcast about Glenway Fripp’s discovery of standing waves that seem to miraculously form in certain places when a B-flat note is played, sung or, in this case – whistled:

And a snippet more about him from NPR:

Closer to home, a friend of mine was telling me a few years ago about an experience he had while jamming where a note that the band  was playing seemed to just hang above his head – floating there.  They all took it in turn to move into that part of the room while playing the note, and they all experienced it, seemingly dwelling above their heads – taking on a life of its own – like some sort of zero-point energy source.

My friend says he has a recording of that, too.  It will be interesting if he can dig it out.

Indian notes

Saw this on pg 203 of the World Is Sound (Nada Brahma) by Joachim-Ernst Berendt:

First note: SA – the soul
Second note: RI – the head (consciousness)
Third note: GA – arms
Fourth note: MA – chest (heart)
Fifth note: PA  – neck
Sixth note: DHA – hip
Seventh note: NI – feet

Interesting that under hypno, I had intuited that the first (B flat) is soul and the second (C) is consciousness.  Can’t say I was thinking about arms and legs for the rest of them – but interesting coincidence, which reinforces the notion of B-flat and C being the first two notes of nature’s scale.

I recommend the book too: