The Sun is D!

There are certain frequencies we are quite certain about in this web-site: Basically, the two I found, and the frequency of a Day which they are based on. Is there any other cosmic evidence we could find? Well, yes: apparently, the Sun resonates at a D frequency in this same Harmonic musical scale.

To recap:

  1. The frequencies I found which seem to beat against an un-acknowledged background electro-magnetic Earth resonance (see home page and video).
    • They are B-flat frequency of 7.2 Hz (and 230.4 Hz)
    • F frequencies of 5.4 and 10.8 Hz (and 345.6 Hz)
  2. A C of 259.2 Hz, which is the 3rd-harmonic of the F.
    • A frequency like F that is strong enough to exhibit the “nodal still-point” behaviour must also be strong enough to generate its own 3rd harmonic.
  3. The E-flat frequency, directly a 3rd-harmonic below that B-flat frequency
    • This corresponds to one beat every ancient Helek = 0.3 Hz, 9.6 Hz and 307.2 Hz.
    • Indicating that the ancient Hebrews and Babylonians who developed the calendar and time system understood the importance of this frequency.
  4. An A of 432 Hz
    • Which is the 5th harmonic of that F (major-3rd interval, 345.6 Hz x 5/4 = 432 Hz)
  5. A D of 288 Hz
    • Which is the 5th harmonic of that B-flat (major-3rd interval, 230.4 Hz x 5/4 = 288 Hz)
  6. And, here we’ve explored the fact that all these frequencies derive from a G of 388.36148148 Hz which is an octave of one beat every 86,400 seconds, also known as a Day!
  7. Also, from that page, we know that in order to get from the E-flat to the frequency of a day, you have to go down in 3rd harmonics to
    • A-flat (409.6 Hz)
    • Down to C-sharp (273.07 Hz) – also corresponding to one beat per minute, and 1-degree of rotation of the Earth
    • Down to F-sharp (364.09 Hz)
    • Down to B (485.452 Hz)
    • And down to E (323.63 Hz)
    • And down a 5th-harmonic from B to G to give us the Day frequency of 388.36148148 Hz

So, so far so good.

Well, strangely enough, the Sun is a D: NASA has released a “sonification” of the Sun, in which they have recorded the electro-magnetic frequency of the Sun and converted this into sound. You can hear that here:

Now, this is quite a low hum, and there’s a bit of a warble to it, but I wanted to explore what frequency and note it is.

So, I created this track.

  1. At first, you hear the original NASA Sun Sonification sound
  2. At 10-seconds I bring it up an octave
  3. And then at 14 seconds, a 2nd octave.
  4. Then at 30-seconds, I fade in the sound of a sine wave playing a D frequency of 576 Hz, which is the 5th harmonic of the “magic” B-flat frequency we discovered
    There’s a slight warble, but it’s pretty close – so next we explore whether it’s the Sonification that’s warbling, or if we are slightly out-of-tune at 576 Hz.
  5. At 36-seconds, I try a D-sharp – which sounds too high.
  6. And then at 41-seconds, a D-flat (which sounds too low) – both showing that it’s the D which is the closest match.
    So, then it’s a question of which D.
  7. So, at 50-seconds I change the D from 576 Hz to 582.5444 Hz (which is an octave of the D corresponding to one vibration every 5 minutes). That seems to make it less in-tune than 576 Hz
  8. So, at 1:01 I try a D which is derived from a G of 388.8 Hz (583.2 Hz)
    All this indicates that the “warble” is the Sonification (or the Sun) itself and not our D note of 576 Hz being out of tune.
  9. So then at 1:07 I go back to 576 Hz
  10. At 1:36 I remove the Octaves from the Sonification itself
  11. The rest of the track is playing different octaves of D as 576 Hz, like 288, 144 Hz and a few other frequencies from my Bb myxolidian scale.
  12. Finally, you hear just the original Sun Sonification again

So, this tells us some interesting things:

  • The Sun is resonating at harmonics of 9 Hz (9, 18, 36, 72, 144, 288, 576 Hz). 9 is a significant and cosmic number
  • The D-note for the Sun is not one of the 3rd-harmonic frequencies for D. Instead, at 576 Hz, it’s the 5th-harmonic (that is, it has a major-3rd interval relationship to our magic B-flat frequency).
  • This in turn indicates that underlying the reality we can see and measure (like the frequency of the Sun) there is a more fundamental set of numbers and frequencies (like our B-flat 7.2 Hz and F 5.4 and 10.8 Hz frequencies) from which physical reality seems to be harmonically generated. Either that, or reality manifests top-down, so that the major-3rd D frequency is what generates the B-flat frequency below it.
  • In a harmonic scale, there is always a point where the 3rd-harmonic you’re hoping for has been taken by a note that is the 5th harmonic of something else.
    • For example, D is the 3rd harmonic of G. So, when you’re playing a G, you hope that the 3rd harmonic is going to be a D that is the 3rd-harmonic of that G
    • But if that D is already the 5th harmonic of your B-flat, it’s not going to also be the 3rd harmonic of your G. The mathematics just doesn’t align
    • But, if the Day is a G of 388.36148148 Hz, and the Sun is vibrating at a D of 288 Hz, then although this G and D don’t exactly “line up” as 3rd harmonics – what we see is something fundamental to our Solar System: This G, and this D do coexist in the “harmony of the spheres”.
  • If you don’t like hearing that G frequency and that D frequency together, move to another solar system!

Finally, some medical advice: remember to take your vitamin-D!!

Here’s a bit of fun using this tuning, overlaying the Sun Sonification raised by just an octave:

Oh, and Tune your music correctly! I’ve been exploring the use of Melodyne as a way of converting existing Master recordings into this harmonic tuning.

This B-flat major scale I’m using therefore is comprised of the following frequencies:
B-flat 230.4 Hz
B 485.452
C 259.2
C# 273.066
D 288
Eb 307.2
E 323.63
F 345.6
F# 364.09
G 388.36148148
Ab 409.6
A 432

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