The architecture of our lives is defined by our music

Falling asleep vision/understanding: our music defines our “architecture”. It’s more than architecture being “frozen music”. It’s that our music actually reflects our mental state at the personal level and also at the cultural level. By re-accessing our music from stages of our life, we are able to access the reality of that time. It’s more than just treating Alzheimer’s – it’s recreating the energy which in turn had created that physical reality at that time. 
Our music is crystallized to form our vision of the world. Elevate the music and you elevate the architecture and the physical understanding. 
The music is transient and hard to recreate – lost prior to the Middle Ages it seems – but perhaps it can be reverse-engineered from their architecture – such as from the pyramids themselves – and so, we can understand how and why they did it. 
But really, our goal must be to go forward to elevate music to build on what we know and define a new architecture and understanding for the future. 

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